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Once again a huge thanks to all of you who have been voting!

Duncan's been training hard all week for tomorrow's Country and Western themed show, so make sure you watch to see Duncan combine Ice Skating with Line Dancing!

Tune in tomorrow night to see Duncan 'Dancing On Ice' on ITV1 at 6.05pm. Then switch over to 'Dancing On Ice - Defrosted' on ITV2 at 7.20 for all the gossip, then back over to ITV1 for the results at 8.20pm.

To keep Duncan in the show text DUNCAN to 63335.

Watch out for an exciting competition coming soon where you could win tickets to see Duncan Dancing On Ice!

If you want to chat live with Duncan, then log on to the forum this Sunday evening where he will be ready and waiting to answer your questions in the topic 'Dancing On Ice Feb 17'

'Amazed' the new single from Duncan James is to be released on 12th March.

Download your copy of Duncan James' new single 'Amazed', and get access to view exclusive video footage on the released date.

To purchase by SMS*, text AMAZED to 78789 and then click here to enter your Voucher Code to access your free streaming video** and download your audio track from 12/03/07.

To purchase by card, click here.

If you have already purchased ‘Amazed', click here to access your video stream** now and download your audio track from 12/03/07.

*Please Note - SMS purchase costs £1.50 plus standard network rate and is only available in the UK.

**Please Note, audio downloads and video stream are PC only.

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