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Would you like to pop a question inside of a celebrity?


We are talking to this man soon in the light of Strictly Dancing Celebrities On Ice… and we can ask him like, something for you, if you fancy.


We’re sure you’ve got tons of questions about triple salcos, flares stapled to ice skates, Ulrika Jonsson…

*raises eyebrow*

and other stuff. You could even ask a question about his new single. To pop your question, please leave it in the comments section below.

PS It’s Duncan James of ex-Blue fame.



-----> Fragen hier stellen! 

3.2.07 17:44

Tara tips Duncan for the top


Tara tips Duncan for the top!

Duncan’s celebrity superfan Tara is adamant her pop star chum’s performance in the opening show on Saturday rivalled those of Torvill and Dean themselves!

The bubbly party girl popped up to the rink to support Duncan on Saturday, and she believes the former Blue hunk will win the competition.

“I’m not just saying that because he’s my friend,” she protests, “He’s got a very good chance of winning because I know how hard he’s been working.

“And his performance really comes from the heart. The way he was with the girl, you felt there was love there!

"It was really romantic the way he held her face, it was like Torvill and Dean, they had that special quality!”

Praise indeed! And she also knows that Russian judge Natalia Bestemyanova is speaking for everyone when she admires Duncan’s sexy form on the ice!

“I love the way the Russian lady said, “You’re very handsome!” The whole of England is like, ‘Hello??!’ I loved it!”

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27.1.07 19:31

Nochma sun!

Ice star Dun-cans the aggro

January 27, 2007

DUNCAN JAMES may look a big girl in his Dancing On Ice TV outfits, but he proved
he is still all man when he split up a nasty fight.

The ex-BLUE star leapt into action to save a pal from a pasting.

The pair were at an open mic night at London’s Hard Rock Cafe on Thursday when
Duncan’s mate Terry John accidentally bumped a video camera filming the acts.

An onlooker said: “The guy who owned it went mad. He had his hands around
Terry’s neck and banged his head on the table.

“Duncan shot over to split things up before they got nasty.”

The singer said: “It wasn’t a big deal. My mate was in a bit of bother so I went
to sort it out.”
27.1.07 19:21

Sun & Mirror

Trotz duncans toller leistung am wochenende und dem ganzen lobüberhäufungen, is in den engl. klatschzeitungen nun total der schmarn über dunk zu lesen:



Commenting on the performers for Dancing On Ice, Emma Cox said,

'Blue star moans that he's got back problems - it's probably from the extra weight pressing down on his spine. Never mind "Sorry" - diet seems the be the hardest word for hunky Dunk.'


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HE'S going to be a real heartbreaker in this competition. He has a great face but he has terribly stumpy legs - he looks like he has callipers on.


Einfach net ernst nehmen den ganzen quatsch, wir wissen es ja besser

27.1.07 19:18

dunky 'chat' gestern

Der duncan war ja gestern wie angekündigt online, für fast ne stunde, und das forum damit im totalen ausnahmezustand LOL 260 leute zur gleichen zeit on und andauernd critical errors beim versuch irgendwas zu machen LOL Nicht desto trotz wurden doch ein paar nette dinge bekannt gegeben:


*Duncan hat einen privaten myspace!

*Blue werden deffinitiv nicht dieses jahr zurück kommen. Ob überhaupt jemals wieder ist fraglich, da duncan sich um andre dinge kümmern möchte! 

Und was mich dann doch etwas traurig gemacht hat:

* Es wird dieses jahr auch erstmal nix neues musikalisches von ihm zu hören sein, kein neues album, da er sich neuen dingen widmen möchte!


Wenn ihr weiteres lesen wollt, guckt einfach in der 'and duncan said..' section  




Zum schluss kopier ich seine letzte nachricht hinein, da sie, meiner meinung nach, doch am aussagekräftigsten war:



especially when it keeps sayin "critical error" everytime i send a message! Its very frustrating and i hope u have not been getting this message too.

Anyway, i know a few of u keep asking about blue getting back but im afraid thats not the case right now.....Blue was amazing and fun, but right now i have to think about 2007 and that does not include Blue.
Simon is very busy with his solo career and Ant has just signed up to do Boogie nights, Mr Ryan is moving to LA for a year and im busy skating right now then im going on tour with Torville and Dean in a 6 week UK arena tour so im busy too....who knows maybe one day but not soon.
Sorry if this is not what u want to hear but its the truth and i have to be honest with u all.

Thanku for all ur support for Dancing on ice and sorry if i did not reply to everyone, but i do come on here a few times a week and read ur comments and messages.

Anyway my daughter is down still and its time for her bed so i need to go, and read her a story.

Goodnight all and see u soon.
Duncan xox

22.1.07 19:04

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