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SUN: kein amazed, keine musik mehr!

Dunk hat es ja scho vor längerem gesagt: dieses jahr wird er sich auf andre dinge, als die musk konzentrieren. Darum wird in UK amazed nicht veröffentlicht, das wurde heute in der SUN bekannt gegeben und dunk selbst schrieb dazu noch was in sein forum. Zuerst aber erst einmal der SUN artikel:


February 28, 2007

FORMER Blue heart-throb Duncan James is quitting pop to become a TV star.

The singer, who sold 11million records with Blue, has axed the release of his new single which had been due out in weeks.

The Dancing On Ice hunk, 28, told TV Biz last night : “I’ve decided not to release the single Amazed because there’s so many other exciting things going on at the moment.”

He has come to an agreement with his record label EMI to stop recording for the time being to concentrate on TV. He has been offered telly jobs including BBC1’s Lottery show.

Duncan, who is also keen to appear in a West End musical, said: “The schedule for Dancing On Ice is so gruelling that I just don’t have any time to devote to music. There are some amazing offers coming in for TV presenting and theatre roles, so I want to focus on those.”

He has already had hosting stints on Soapstar Superstar spin-off show Bonus Tracks, fronted the Prince’s Trust gigs and notched up appearances on BBC1’s City Hospital and GMTV. Duncan revealed Dancing On Ice had helped boost his financial fortunes — as he was running out of cash.

He said: “When I hit the big time with Blue I could spend, spend, spend. But now my bank account is nearly always empty!”

He says he has too many women to look after. “I bought a house for my mum Fiona, a house for Claire — the mother of my daughter Tianie, who I pay child maintenance for — and I don’t charge a girlfriend of mine for rent because she can’t afford it.

“I’m hoping I stay in Dancing On Ice for as long as possible — and that it then leads to some TV presenting jobs. Otherwise I won’t be able to keep up my mortgage repayments!”

Duncan — who had already filmed a video for Amazed in which he is attacked by gangsters — launched his solo career after Blue split in 2004.

But his early success petered out. Last night a source close to the singer admitted: “Duncan was never that keen on being a solo artist. After Blue, he had to honour his contract with EMI, which he did.”


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Dazu hat sich dunk heute gleich noch selbst geäußert, nachlesen könnt ihr das hier :


Im sure many of u have read the sun today or will read it at some point but i wanted to tell u all personally.

For a long time now my heart has not been on music and this year i have spent all my time doing other things...DOI, presenting etc etc...

I made a decision yesterday that i did not want to release "amazed" as a single because i felt going back doing the music thing was not right for me at this time.....I have so much going on in other directions and i feel the time is right to move away from that world and focus on other things.

Im sure many of u will be upset by this news but i have to do this for me so i hope u can understand this has not been an easy decision to make, but i feel its the right decision.

I wanna thank u all for ur continued support and loyalty towards me and i hope u all continue to support me going forward in my career.

Much love as always,
Duncan xx


Hört trotzdem nicht auf duncan zu unterstützen, auch wenn er keine musik mehr macht, sollten wir ihm immernoch all unsre liebe und unterstützung zeigen. Drum versucht au dieses WE irgendwie für ihn bei DOI zu voten!

28.2.07 17:57

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