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Hier werdet ihr die intressantesten interviews vom Mr James finden, also go 4 it! ^^
a sexy one:

Everyone assumes youre a sex maniac. When did you last have it and how many lovers have you had?
Why do people think that? I havent had sex for two months! I dont shag around and Im not a slapper. I went a bit mad when the band started but Ive calmed down now and Im much fussier. I could probably count the number of lovers Ive had on my fingers - and my toes and a few more!

How can you tell if a girl fancies you or is just interested in the fact that you are rich and famous?
Im very, very wary of girls coming onto me. Im not as willing to jump into bed with a pretty girl as I used to be. Some are out to take advantage of you and make money.

What would your lonely hearts ad say?
"Passionate, sensitive guy WLTM sincere, funny and intelligent female companion." When I have a connection with someone I am 110 per cent faithful. Im very deep and really fell for my last serious girlfriend. When youre in love its the nicest thing in the world and Im looking for that at the moment. Im fed up with having sex that means nothing. I want to have someone to share things with.

Where will you be at 40?
Possibly acting in the theatre. Id like to be healthy, settled down with a beautiful wife and loads of kids in a nice house. I want to look back and think "Ive had a bit of fun" Id hate to hit 40 and think I hadnt done enough when I was younger and start doing the dirty on the missus.

What three qualities do you look for in a girl?
Intellect. I love a girl who you can have a good conversation with about life. I hate bull**** and girlie girls who just giggle all the time. Secondly, inner beauty - whether theyve got good morals and family values. I also love innocence, when a girl isnt aware of herself. Its endearing.

What turns you on?
Sexy toes! A girl has got to have nice feet! And if she has beautiful eyes, Im hooked.

Do you ever get broody?
Antonys missus Lucy has a little boy and I love him. Hes so cute! I think "I want one!" I was brought up as an only child without a Dad. I wouldve loved a brother or sister.

Have you ever been knocked back by a celebrity?
I think everyone knows Cheryl Tweedy from Girls Aloud turned me down.

Who do you find sexy in the soaps?
I presented Jessie Wallace with her Sexiest Female award. She was gorgeous and quite flirty. Amy Nuttall from Emmerdale is cute too. I really like redheads.

Whats the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you during sex?
When I was a redcoat at a holiday camp I slept with a girl and it was over very quickly - I gave her the best 60 seconds of her life! I leapt up and said I had cramp and she gave me a massage!

What is your raunchiest - ever fantasy?
It involves Britney Spears and is pretty rude but, sadly, its still a fantasy. Shes my ideal woman and Ive got a huge thing for her.

Have you ever had a threesome?
My Mum is going to read this! I have and its been a band thing. Weve done stuff like that a couple of times and all I can say is that it involved some girls in a hotel room with me and a couple of the boys. We were playing spin the bottle.

Have you ever had a crush on a bloke?
I dont fancy David Beckham but if I was a bird Id go for him. He has the looks, the sexy missus, beautiful children and the money and I think: "Lucky *******!"

What is a no-no in sex?
I dont like overpowering women. Im an Aries so I like to be dominant. I get intimidated by pushy girls who are too full-on.

What do you think of your Party In The Park co-presenter Denise Van Outen?
Shes so sexy. You look at her and think: "I bet shes good in bed." Im nervous because normally Ive got the boys beside me. When you take that away, its scary.

Have you ever had sex outdoors?
I lost my virginity outdoors in a car park. But now youve got phones these days with cameras on - you have to be so careful!

A realy sad one:

I have insomnia
Life in the fast lane seems exciting and glamorous, but it leaves DUNCAN BLUE unable to sleep...

So, what exactly is insomnia?
Insomnia is when you cant get to sleep. Your bodys tired and wants to sleep but your brains still active and you cant shut it off. My problem is that no matter how much I try, I cant get myself into a pattern where Ill slee p. Its frustrating cos youre tossing and turning and its especially bad when youve got to get up for work in the morning. Youre looking at your watch all the time, seeing the hours go by and thinking, Ive only got four hours sleep left! then three hours, then two. By that time youre really angry and upset with yourself and just want to sleep.

What do you think of when youre trying to sleep?
I have random thoughts and think lots of really weird things. If youve got a lot on your mind, a lot of worries and a hectic life, it makes it worse. Insomnia doesnt run in my family - its just me, so Ive got to try to cope with it.

What do you do when you cant sleep?
I just lie there usually, but last night I started playing on my computer. Then I got angry with myself and was like, What am I doing? Its 5.30am and Ive got to be up at 7.30am!

And how do you feel the morning after?
I feel sick all day, so I cant eat properly. I yaw n a lot too and havent got much energy. This morning I fell asleep half an hour before I had to get up, so when I woke up I felt worse than I had the whole night. Ill be lying in bed thinking, Can I get out of today? but its not fair, and usually after Ive had a shower I feel a bit better, I just try to get my head down when I get a spare half-hour.

Is there anything you avoid cos it makes your insomnia worse?
I try not to drink caffeine or take things like Pro Plus - it makes me shake and feel sick. Ive found that drinking orange juice and eating fresh fruit is good cos it gives me natural sugars and energy.

Does your tiredness make you short-tempered or depressed?
Just despondent, really - like a zombie. The night before I presented Party In The Park I got no sleep at all and I was worried cos I needed to be on the ball. I do get short-tempered, but mostly Ill go quiet and distance myself from the other lads and all the jokes. They know to lea ve me when Im like that!

Do any of the other lads suffer similar problems?
Si does sometimes - he couldnt sleep last night cos he was excited about being back at work!

What have you done to combat the problem?
When I went to America I got some melatonin, a natural herbal remedy. I like natural things. Ive tried camomile tea and lavender pillow spray - but they just seem to calm me.

Have you been to your doctor about it?
Yeah, they just suggested cutting out caffeine, trying not to stress about things and not eating after about 8pm. But its hard not to stress cos Im a worrier and I let things affect me.

How do you avoid getting dark circles under your eyes?
If I dont sleep tonight Ill be really tired and puffy-eyed tomorrow. Our make-up artists got eye gels and stuff, though, and I try to drink lots of water, which helps.

Do you find it easier to sleep in certain places?
I can get insomnia at home or in hotels, it doesnt matter. But of course if I go out partying until 5am I dont usually have any problems sleeping, ha-ha!

Whats your advice to other sufferers?
Id suggest trying the conventional things like aromatherapy, lavender and camomile teas. Working on your breathing and meditation can be good too! I should try yoga but its just finding the time, isnt it? Also, dont eat late and avoid caffeine. But counting sheep has never worked for me.

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